Video Skins

Turn Your YouTube Videos Video Testimonials - Even Video Turtorials Into Unique, Eye-Catching Works Of Art That Even Quentin Taranti Would Be Proud Of!


Dear fellow Video Enthusiast,

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE watching video on the web. Even better… you’re either using video on your own website and blogs right now… or you’re seriously thinking about it.

It’s just too easy not too! And they get results…

The truth is… folks love to watch videos on your site.

Plus.. the benefits are endless…

  • It increases the time a visitor spends on your website
  • It makes your websites and blogs appear more professional and informative.
  • It increases customer return visits
  • It adds credibility to your offers
  • The search engines love VIDEO!
  • They’re just down right entertaining!
  • The list goes on and on…

I remember when I added my first video to one of my blogs. I felt like I just leaped to another level in the Internet marketing community. It’s not only profitable… It’s just plain ole’ exciting to have video streaming on your website!

AND… It evens out the playing field and allows “small time” Internet Marketers to keep pace with all those “Bigshot” corporations” and their endless budgets and resources.

Did you know…

Utilizing sites like YouTube and Metacafe makes putting videos on your websites and blogs as simple as copying a small piece of code and pasting it on your site.

That’s it. Instant Video on your site!


And just imagine if there was a way for you to EASILY take things to a whole new level and make your web videos stand “head and shoulders” above all the other videos you see out there on the web?

That would certainly give you a huge advantage over any competition you have in your niche.. right?

Imagine the huge increases in AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS you can reap just putting a few videos on your site. Most Internet Marketers now offer their affiliates Video Links to their products.

The problem is… grabbing your website visitors attention and getting them to actually watch the videos you put on your sites and blogs.

And NOW… I’ve made that process super-simple and irrestible!

If You Can “Copy and Paste” That’s All You Need To Do To Take Ordinary Videos That Look Like This:


And Turn Them Into Stunning Productions

Which video above do you think would have a better chance of grabbing your customer’s attention?

Ironically… Both videos above are the same… the only difference between the two is the “Video Skin” surrounding one of them. And that my friend can make all the difference in the world!

Introducing The First Of It’s Kind… Video Skins Template Pack! - Unique Video Template Skins That Scream… Watch Me!

Let’s take a look at everything you get with this incredible “NEVER BEFORE RELEASED” template package…

First, your going to receive 8 uniquely designed “Large” Video Skins that are perfect for your larger videos on your website. I like to refer to this set as the “FUN PACK” ;-)

Each skin below is designed to surround a video size of 425W x 350H. And yes… you guessed it… that’s the EXACT size of a standard YouTube video. That means you can simply copy the small Snippet of code from your favorite YouTube Videos and paste the code directly into any one of these 8 video skins for an instant Video Masterpiece.

And setting the video inside a Video Skin is as easy as 1. copy, 2. open and 3. paste.

It’s so easy even a 5 year old could do it!

Just take a look at each of the 8 skins below - (each skin is at 50% original size. For a full preview you can click on an image below and it will open in a new window):

In addition to the 8 large Video Skins above, you’ll also receive two smaller video skins perfect for adding video to the side of any webpage or blog. Each skins overall size measures 300 pixels in width and holds a video 250W 200H… which is the optimal size for any webpage or blog’s sidebar.

You can actually resize any YouTube video to any size you wish to display on your page just by editing the code YouTube provides you. Simply edit the dimensions to your desired width and height and your Video will appear at that exact size you specify. That means you can also use the skins below for YouTube, GoogleVideo, Metacafe or any of the dozens of Video sites out there just by simply editing the code.

And don’t forget, if you make your own Videos for your website… these skins will definately add that extra “POP” you need to get your videos noticed and get the BUZZ started!

Take a look at the 2 “smaller” skins below (Actual size):

Just imagine placing your “sales” video in one of the Skins above. Do you think more folks would take notice? You bet they would!

Instead of having long-winded sales copy riddled all over your webpage.. you can add a small video that gets watched and noticed… and ultimately increases sales.

Video is quickly taking over the Internet and now you have a unique opportunity to capitalize and stand out above any competition…

But wait! We’re not nearly done yet ;-)

Below are two more Video Skins included in this template package that are virtually guaranteed to get you results!

We all know the key to success online is getting folks to optin to your list… right? Well just imagine if you could create a video for your website and instruct folks to enter their name and email address in the form - while the video is playing!

Check out the two skins below and I’m sure you’ll immediately see the massive potential in having not only a great optin offer but an even better way to present that offer to your potential customers:

All the text areas in the above skin are completely editable in any web editor. There’s no need to edit any graphics! Simply edit the text to match your optin offer and tweak the HTML for your autoresponder and you’re ready to rock!

And here’s another goldmine perfect for the left or right side of your page. This too is fully coded for aweber and just a few tweaks to the HTML is all that’s needed to start grabbing names and email addresses!

I’ve done all the work for you on the two skins above as well! Simply add your video in the space provided… then tweak two lines of HTML for your autoresponder and you’re ready to start sucking up email addresses like crazy!

Imagine being able to make a video explaining all the benefits of your offer and then ALSO being able to point to the right or below and tell your customer to enter their info while the video continues. It just doesn’t get any better than that my friend!

AND WAIT… There’s Still More!

Included in this first ever release of the Video Skins template Pack, you’ll also receive two sets of basic skins that are suitable for any video in any niche! You’ll receive both 5 Large skins perfect for YouTube size videos PLUS 5 small skins perfect for the sidebar of any webpage.

Take a look at the screenshot below and keep in mind you’ll receive both the large and small versions of this set (10 basic skins in this set):


Okay I’m SOLD! But how much is this incredible package going to cost?

Now I know what you’re thinking… after seeing all the irrestible video skins and knowing the amount of time and work that must have went into creating this dynamic, one of a kind package… you’re thinking it’s probably going to cost you a weeks salary just to get your hands on these puppies… right?


The truth is… I want everyone to be able to grab their own copy of this incredible template Pack because I’m sick to death of looking at all the boring templates out there! I love Video! I want everyone to enjoy it! I hope the whole Internet soon has these incredible skins all over the place… Now that’d be fun ;-) don’t you think?

But seriously… I wanted to keep the cost of this package well under $100. I want you to be able to take advantage. I’m also hoping you’ll send me a gleaming testimonial once you see how powerful this package is once put to good use!

So…after spending a few days pondering the issue, I decided to settle on $67. I think that’s not only a “steal-of-a-deal” but I’ll also virtually guarantee myself many repeat customers once you see the incredible value you’ll be receiving for such a small investment.

WHAT? You want bonuses?

For those who act fast and take advantage of this one of a kind offer, I’m also offering the next 50 customers these two incredible bonus templates as well:


Camtasia Video Tutorial Skin!

If you offer video tutorials to your customers or website visitors… this one is a must have! Perhaps you’ve created a product of your own and offer a Video “Getting Started” series. You can not only impress your new customers but you’ll also give an ultra-professional image when you place your videos in this skin.


Video Testimonial Skin!


This skin is optimized for a video sized 250W x 200H and really packs a punch! Testimonials add credibility to your offer and Video testimonials are considered the cream of the crop! Folks don’t always trust your written testimonials… but Video means instant credibility. This unique Testimonial Skin is sure to get your testimonials watched and increase your chances of making the sale!

Unannounced Limited Time BONUS #3

Over 50% Discount Off the Already Low Price!

That’s right… as part of a special marketing test… I’ve decided to also lower the price even more and offer this entire Video Skin Template Pack at the never before seen price of just $27!

But again… this is a limited time frst come first serve sale price! Please don’t write to me asking if you can have the sale price once the price goes up to $67…. I simply cannot do it!

JUST $27!



To Your Continued Success,

P.S. This truly is a limited time special offer and the price will go up within a few days. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. And be forewarned… Once you start using these incredible templates get ready to get bombarded with emails from customers asking you just how you did it!

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