Website Templates

Introducing iProfit Template Package - the biggest collection of high quality website templates with master resell rights available on the internet.

Minisite Templates

You are going to be getting 10 different unique mini-site templates to fit almost any project you or your clients will need. Each one designed by an industry design leader, and hand crafted to perfection.

Sales Page Templates

Ever wanted to start your successful product marketing website. Sales pages generates 2x more sales then any other websites. But how to develop it? No problem. We got ready to run sales pages templates for you. Like all other of our products it's turnkey stuff.

Squeeze Page Templates

Are you ready to have a massive list of opt in prospects that you can e-mail any time you want to earn instant profits? Would you like to have the power to turn on your own "cash on demand" ATM machine almost at will, anytime you want? Create your own squeeze pages online in 10 minutes or less for a one time fee.

One Time Offer Templates

"No graphics editing Required... Each OTO Template, Is Professionally Designed, Sliced, Formated, Optimazied, And Ready To Be Added To Your SalesLetter In Minutes! All oto templates have 750px width and design details look like you see on this site ."

Wordpress Themes

Here you will find some of the most cutting edge WordPress templates, packed full of features, presented beautifully with clean layouts, slick colour palettes and neat typography. All themes are internet marketing ready. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check inside.

Header Templates

Who Else Wants to Create their OWN Professional Header Graphics In LESS than 2 Minutes Even If You Have Never Tried Before? If you thought, it took 30 minutes to create this professional header graphic, you only guessed 10 TIMES too long. You will be suprised to know that it took less than 3 minutes and this is the first I have tried to create one myself in over 14 months.

Ecommerce Graphics Collection

It's a well-known fact that the use of professional and attractive graphical elements on websites increase the proportion of user generated activity such as sales, newsletter subscription, and the amount of time spent on a particular site. Having appealing graphics on your sales page can make the difference between 100 sales a month and 3 sales a month...
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YouTube Video Templates

Turn Your YouTube Videos Video Testimonials - Even Video Turtorials Into Unique, Eye-Catching Works Of Art That Even Quentin Tarantino Would Be Proud Of! If you’re anything like me, you LOVE watching video on the web. Even better… you’re either using video on your own website and blogs right now… or you’re seriously thinking about it.

eCover Templates

Discover The Absolute Easiest Way To Give All Your Digital Products A Professional Look Without Spending A Fortune On Hiring A Graphic Designer Or Learning How To Design Graphics Yourself