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Ringtones Mobile Shop

Start your own online ringtone business! Fully stocked with 1000s of ringtones, wallpaper and games! All sales are automated! All content updates daily! Purchases are instantly delivered to the customers phones! Fully automated! No programming knowledge required! Built-in Google AdSense for extra revenue! Everything you need to make money selling ringtones!

Instant Turnkey Ringtone Shop Solution

  • Ringtone Shop is a fully automated ringtone website, fully stocked with 1000s of ringtones, wallpaper, logos and games.
  • All orders are completely automated and are instantly delivered to the customer's mobile phone.
  • All content updates daily, so you don't have to do anything except promote your website!
  • All sales are handled by Mobile Money, a third party mobile content supplier, who pay monthly sales commissions generated by the website directly into your bank account. Simply create an affiliate account with them, insert your affiliate username into the script and away you go!

Website Features

  • Fully automated with self updating content. Works on autopilot.
  • Sales are automated and instantly delivered by text or WAP to the customers phone.
  • Your customers can create their own ringtones and wallpaper, using online content creators on your website.
  • Easily change colours and fonts of the website by editing only ONE file.
  • Insert your Mobile Money affiliate username into ONE file and start earning monthly commissions from all sales.
  • Commissions are paid to you monthly, straight into your bank account.
  • Built-in Google Adsense. Simply enter your Google Adsense ID into ONE file and start earning extra cash.
  • Multi currency support. Customers simply select their country and pay by text, phone, credit card or PayPal in their own currency.
  • Automated built-in links page where other websites can exchange links with you.
  • Website owners MUST add your link to THEIR website first before their link can be added to your links page.
  • Easily add or edit your own links and check that other websites are still linking to you through your own Links Admin area.
  • Readily search engine optimized to help your website rank in the search engines.
  • NO database required.
  • Includes an easy to understand PDF installation manual.
  • Plus many more features!

Price: $9.99