One Time Offer Templates


One Time Offer Templates

"No graphics editing Required... Each OTO Template, Is Professionally Designed, Sliced, Formated, Optimazied, And Ready To Be Added To Your SalesLetter In Minutes! All oto templates have 750px width and design details look like you see on this site ."

"Unlock This Unique Collection Of Pre-Built, One Time Offer Graphic Templates And Watch Your OTO Conversion Ratio Blow Out Through The Roof"

If you can "cut and paste" then you're well on your way to instantly spice up your Sales Letter and create brand new look out for your OTO offer in next few min...

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Your a in half way to receive:

  • 15 Brand New pre coded, sliced and optimized - never before on sale HOT! - OTO Templates, that you may easy edit in less then 5 min after purchase,
  • All templates are Ready to use after purchase - just copy/past your own sales letter and your done!,
  • For each template you also receive order button that match template color
  • You get 12 pre coded - Testimonials templates - that you may use on any other pages as well - all sliced and optimized for you
  • And Bonus Gift, additional 3 OTO Templates and Special Offer Template
  • All .PSD Sources included in every template

Extra Bonus

  • FireSale Offer Templates with PSD Source.
  • One Time Offer Rotator PHP Script
  • Panic One Time Offer Script - read more

Price: $17