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Wonder how other people make a fortune out of maintaining a website? Why not use special software to get the fullest potential from your site? If you haven’t heard of BidWord Directory, here are the benefits you can get out of this software:

  • Make money from our sites using the software.
  • Build “Buy Me a Word” web sites using without any domain restrictions.
  • Explore any niche you wish using a special link index.

Want to know how link directory sites started? It was invented by non-other than the inventor of Yahoo games. While exploring ways to earn money from online advertisements, he came up with a brilliant idea of using carefully chosen keywords to attract advertisers to promote their business on his website. Surprisingly, this idea was so successful that on its first day, he earned $20,000 from online advertisers. What did he do with those keywords? He simply placed 500 chosen keywords on his site and allowed advertisers to link them to their own websites in exchange of $100 payment for each link. Later, this link directory became popularly known as which earns not less than $53,000 each week. At present, other link directory sites have followed’s footsteps.

Why should you be interested in using BidWord Directory software? Because it represents limitless possibilities of earning big money on the internet. Being able to enter a particular niche online can bring you the success you’re dreaming of in internet marketing. How can you use this new system effectively? Let’s check out some of best ways of using this software:
  • Be the first to start a link directory for a promising niche. By being the first to provide a link directory for a particular niche, you can easily get the traffic and the back links that you need. Obviously, providing links to the exact niche or category that people are searching for will attract more visitors than you can imagine.
  • Use your Adsense account to the fullest. By providing a web site filled with quality links, you also expose you Adsense ads to more people, increasing your chances of earning. Add to this, you can build your own online community by offering keywords for free to subscribers of your site.
  • Turn your site into a Start Page Website. If your website contains quality links to the most interesting web sites, not only will you gain web traffic, but you’ll also be able to drive visitors to your site to make your website as their start page.
  • Use affiliate links. Create a page that contains the most powerful keywords along with the best affiliate links to guarantee more web traffic.

Now, what exactly would you get from BidWord Directory?

  • Ready to use “pick and pay” buttons. Using these buttons enables you to sell your keywords more easily. More importantly, it gives potential customers an easier time grabbing your offer.
  • Make more money by letting advertisers pick their own preferred keyword and all you have to do is either accept or reject their pick.
  • Displays words on your site in a random system to let all advertisers get equal opportunity.
  • Modify or make revisions on your words or lay-out using accessible, clear display of words. Make changes at any time you want.
  • You can add keywords in groups so you can do so with more convenience.
  • You have the power to name your price for the keywords you sell. You can even rate each keyword differently depending on your preference.
  • Customize settings on your web page.
  • Customizable header and footer to match your preferred style.
  • Ready-to-use “buy me a word” codes.
  • Change payments according to the currency you prefer. Whether you live in Japan, Europe or the US, the system lets you use your local currency.
  • Be able to edit your customer’s URL right from your own computer.

Price: $19.99