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Arcade Games Website

Professionally Written PHP Turnkey Game Script With over 2000+ Games Pre-Installed. Very advanced admin control panel. You don't need to know what is php or mysql. This complete solution is heavily optimized to work with Google Adsense.


Admin CP

Game Management Super HOT!
Arcade Games Website supports SWF and DCR/DIR games, video files, music files and even images. You can easily add them using our admin panel. You can add local files, hot-link to files located in different servers or even frame games on other sites.

Upload Files
Uploading files is easy, you can uplaod them via FTP, from admin panel or even grab files from remote servers.

Comments & Ratings HOT! no other cheap scripts can do this!
Visitors can rate games on a scale of 1-5. Users can also use smiles and simple BB code. The comments and/or ratings system can be disabled.

Submit Content HOT!
Visitors can submit new content to your site, you can then approve it in admin panel.

Search Engine Friendly URLs
We use mod_rewrite to make our URLs short and very search engine friendly. This can be disabled or enabled at any time.

Search Games HOT!
Visitors can search games by simply typing in game name and pressing enter.

PHP 4+ (compatible with PHP 5)
MySQL 4+

Price: $37