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Start your own Google Adsense Empire in the next 10 minutes with our 150+ Adsense ready web pages! All 150+ web sites shown below are ready for instant download. Each website has a different topic. There are over 26,300 Pages, 167,000 Google AdSense, 280 MB of content.

Would you like to earn money from your website? Why not build your own website with Google Adsense links? If you’re worried about technicalities, we have ready-to-download websites on every possible topic. Best of all, these websites are installed with ready-made Google Adsense pages.

Want to know how people make money just by creating their own website? The answer lies with the amount of web traffic that your website receives. More web traffic would mean higher search engine ranking. How? Take Google for instance, the leading search engine in the World Wide Web. Google offers webmasters the opportunity to earn money by posting Google Adsense links in their website. Advertisers pay for these links as a way to market their products and services. When people click on these ad links, you instantly get paid by Google. Sounds easy enough?

Use RSS Feeds to boost your site’s search engine ranking by increasing the keyword density of each of your articles. Remember, search engine spiders love websites with great content, excellent keywords and links to quality websites.


  • Unique H1 tags on each web page
  • Customized Title Tags, Meta Tags, Meta Keywords on each web page to give your site the best optimization.
  • High click-through positioning and maximum number of AdSense ads on each and every page.
  • You’ll get the highest number of Adsense ads with each page in high click-rate positions.
  • Want to use other ads? You can use other affiliates other than Google Ads such as AdBrite, FastClick, Yahoo Publisher Network ads, etc.
  • Get an RSS feed on each page to ensure that you’ll get unique content on a day-to-day basis. (The feed uses a unique script to keep search engines from guessing that you’re using a different website source.)
  • Its RSS feeds also filters duplicate content to attract search engine spiders to your site.
  • Provides links to articles on each page with summarized captions of the articles to keep it content unique, interesting and informative.
  • Instead of using conventional URL, ever page uses Static File Names to help search engines find your website more quickly.
  • All pages of your site have more opportunity to get indexed through its Complete Site Map.
  • Build your website quickly and easily using its ready-to-use templates that comes with very simple instructions. Start earning from your Adsense account right away.
  • Design your website according to your preferred style without any hassle.

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